Kern County Family Law Court

Kern County Superior Court Family Law Facilator

The Kern County Superior Court Family Law Facilitator is an attorney who works for the court which can assist with filing and providing legal information for your specific case. They are a free service available to both parties. They do NOT represent you, but remain a neutral party in order to offer both sides of cases with legal information and assistance. Please see the contact information on this page to meet with the Kern County Superior Court Family Law Facilitator. NOTE: The Family Law Facilitator can only provide legal information. For legal advice you need to contact an outside attorney for this.

I have general questions about my case?

For general questions either about your case, or about the court in general, see the Kern County Superior Court Clerk. The clerk is there to help the public in their interactions with the court and can provide general information on forms, filings, and court activities. NOTE: Like the Family Law Facilitator, the court clerk is only able to give legal information, they are not able to give legal advice. If you need legal advice you need to contact an outside attorney.

Kern County Family Law Court case types

The Family Law Division of Kern County hears all cases pertaining to domestic relations and family matters. Including temporary restraining orders, spousal support, domestic violence, dissolution of marriage (divorce), legal separation, child visitation and custody and child support.

Kern County Family Law Court

Kern County Family Law Court

Kern County Superior Court serves the following locations: Bakersfield, Delano, Arvin, California City, McFarland, Ridgecrest, Shafter, Tehachapi, Wasco, Maricopa, Taft, Oildale, Lamont, Rosamond, Rosedale, Bear Valley Springs, Bodfish, Boron, Buttonwillow, Caliente, China Lake Acres, Edwards AFB, Ford City, Frazier Park, Golden Hills, Greenacres, Greenfield, Kernville, Lake Isabella, Lebec, Lost Hills, Mojave, North Edwards, Pine Mountain Club, South Taft, Stallion Springs, Taft Heights, Weedpatch, Weldon, Wofford Heights, Cherokee Strip, Derby Acres, Dustin Acres, Edmundson Acres, Fellows, Fuller Acres, Inyokern, Johannesburg, Keene, Lake of the Woods, McKittrick, Mettler, Mexican Colony, Mountain Mesa, Old West Ranch, Onyx, Pumpkin Center, Randsburg, Smith Corner, Squirrel Mountain Valley, Tupman, Valley Acres.

How do I file my Family Law case?

Please contact the court (information below) about what is required in order to file your case. At minimum you will need to fill out case specific forms. The Kern County Superior Court clerk or Kern County Superior Court Family Law Facilitator can help assist you in what forms you need to fill out. Remember, the court can only provide you with legal information, if you require legal advice you must contact an attorney. Only a licensed attorney can provide legal advice. NOTE: Use caution when filling out the court forms, a small mistake may lead to potential delays for your case. Always keep copies of submitted documents.

Requirements for Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce) in Kern County Superior Court?

Either you OR your spouse is required to resided in California for the last six (6) months, AND have resided in Kern County for the last three (3) months.

Can I hire an attorney?

Yes, you can hire an attorney to represent you, but you are not required to do so.

Is my case made public?

In general, yes, your case records will be made public, there are however a few exceptions. Any individual may go to the Kern County Superior Court and make a request to see any court record.
The three exceptions for public records are: 1) It is a confidential case (example is an adoption or juvenile case) 2) Every family law file has a confidential portion (ie. child custody recommendations or custody evals). 3) A party may request a document to be sealed or made confidential. This request must be approved. If you have any questions about what is confidential or not, you may ask your attorney, the Kern County Superior Court Family Law Facilitator, or the court clerk.

Kern County Superior Court Family Law Locations

  • Metropolitan Division – Justice Building

    Address: 1215 Truxtun Avenue Bakersfield, CA 93301

  • Mojave Branch

    Address: 1773 Highway 58 Mojave, CA 93501

  • Ridgecrest Branch

    Address: 132 East Coso Ave. Ridgecrest, CA 93555

  • Shafter/Wasco Branch

    Address: 325 Central Valley Highway Shafter, CA 93263

  • Delano/McFarland Branch

    Address: 1122 Jefferson Street Delano, CA 93215

  • Arvin/Lamont Branch

    Address: 12022 Main Street Lamont, CA 93241

  • Taft/Maricopa Branch

    Address: 311 Lincoln Street Taft, CA 93268

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